Sunday, 2 October 2011

One week to go !

Didn't go out Saturday as usual due to travelling back from Istanbul.

However set off early on Sunday (0730) and went from Chester to Llangollen (via Minera) over the Horseshoe Pass and then towards Ruthin and back over the Shelf to Llandegla, and then back to Chester on the A5104.
It was a nice day, no rain, and quite warm. There seemed to be a hill climb about to start at the Horseshoe Pass and there were a lot of cyclists there. I timed myself between the two Tweeks signs and managed 26 mins 55 secs, which is approx 3 mins faster than the last time I did it (about 3 weeks ago) - but on that occasion it was quite wet and windy, with a headwind going up the hill.

Total length of ride was 69.4 miles, which I did in 4 hours 58 mins, so hoping to do a 14 mpg average next week in the Cymru Etape.

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