Saturday, 24 September 2011

Getting faster

Nice day today - not too windy, no rain, dry roads.

Went out from Chester on my usual route, up to Minera, and skirted round to Acre Fair and down towards Llangollen, and went up the Garth and onto Panorama Walk (which seems to have been recently resurfaced) and then on to World's End. Got off the bike to carry it over the ford, then cycled over the rest of World's End on my lowest gear (39-28). Might be tricky to go up this climb if the roads are wet as you could get wheelspin.

Anyhow, very pleased to be able to cycle all the way up World's End for the first time.

Total distance ridden 55.9 miles, total time taken was 4 hours 2 minutes, which I was pleased with (considering the two big climbs of the Garth and World's End + some smaller climbs up to Minera).

Looking in reasonably good shape now for the Cymru Etape.

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