Monday, 28 November 2011

Rides during week of 28th Nov 2011

Managed to cycle to and from work on Friday 25th and Monday 28th November. Stats from 28th November rides shown below:

On Sunday 27th November went out with the Chester Road Club - it was pretty windy (unfortunately on the way back to Chester rather than on the way out). Good work out + a stop at the Ice Cream Farm + there was a good turn out (approx 9 of us at the start of the ride).
Also did a short training ride on Saturday 26th November - now that was even windier than the Sunday ride, as witnessed by my slow overall average speed + the max speed on the downhill section with the wind behind me was almost 42 mph (about 4 or 5 miles higher than normal on that route). 

So, in total, this week, would have done approx 100 miles.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rides during week ending Nov 20th 2011

Managed to get out on Thurs 17th, Friday 18th (with Neil and Gerry from the Chester Road Club) and went out on the CRC Sunday Club Run on Sunday 20th November. Total mileage was approx 130 miles, with details below. Note that some of the speeds on the 20th Nov run are wrong (eg my max speed was not 50+ mph) - I think because the cadence magnet was either too close or too far from the sensor.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rides on 11th and 13th November

Short training ride on Friday 11th November - pretty rotten day - windy and drizzle. Reasonable average speed but not as high as the 18 mph I achieved the week before.

On Sunday 13th November, there were 7 of us from the Chester Road Club who went out towards Nantwich. A fairly brisk ride with a moving average of 15.8 mph. Had a fairly leisurely stop at Old Ma's Cafe since they were pretty slow with the service. Also apparently my max speed was just over 40 mph - not sure where that was as I didn't think I went that fast (although we had a strong wind against us for the first 20 miles or so, and after that it was much easier).

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rides on 4th and 6th November

Went out on a fast, short, training ride on Friday 4th November, with an average speed of 18 mph. See below:

Then on Sunday 6th November went out with the Chester Road Club for a steady ride down to Whitchurch and back through the Cheshire Lanes, with a stop at Old Ma's cafe on the way back. Details below: