Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Ride with Chester Road Club

On Sunday 16th October I went out on the Sunday run with the Chester Road Club. Six of us turned up and we went through the Cheshire lanes over to Coddington (and later Cuddington) and also passed through Bangor on Dee, Malpas, Farndon and Aldford (not sure if that is the right order or not).  It was mostly flat with one or two small hills thrown in.

My cycle computer conked out but I was told we did 50 miles in around 3 hrs 10 minutes, and that was approx 5 miles before we finished. This was a reasonably brisk 15.8 mph or so. Have just ordered a Garmin Edge 800 to replace my old cycle computer which looks like it will be a good little gadget :)

I plan to go out on these Sunday rides to try and keep the bike fitness up over the winter. Will let you know how it goes. I need to fit some mudguards to the bike, so will need to go down the bike shop during the week and get some of the ones which attach to the frame (as there is not enough clearance on my frame for standard ones).

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