Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wrexham Fibrax Hilly 24 MIle Time Trial, 15th April 2012

The 2012 Wrexham Fibrax Hilly 24 mile time trial started about 0.5 mile before the Britannia Inn on the approach to the Horseshoe Pass. The route went over the Horseshoe Pass (where the riders were timed) and then down into Ruthin (via the Nant Y Garth road), and then back, to finish at the Ponderosa Cafe at the top of the Horseshoe Pass.
I have ridden over the Horseshoe Pass plenty of times, but usually have cycled 30 miles or so to get there, so this was a chance to get a reasonable time.
There is a long history behind the Wrexham hilly time trials which you can read about here.

In 2012 there were approx 65 riders entered, including Ryan Mullen and Andy Wilkinson who were the two main favourites.

I went off too fast, and went into the red zone halfway up the Horseshoe Pass and had to back off a bit. Once over the top, it was fairly fast into Ruthin although we had the wind against us. This turned out to be quite good since we had the wind behind us most of the way back.

Anyhow, ended up doing just over 1 hr 32 mins. Not great but at least I got around, and wasn't last. There were 7 of us entered from Chester Road Club, and three of us were around the same time (1 hr 31 min or 1 hr 32 min), so we should get plenty of points towards the West Cheshire Time Trials Cycling Association (WCTTCA) points competition. Details of ride from Strava below:

If you fancy doing this, look at a picture of the profile of the route below !!!

Incidentally, Ryan Mullen won and Andy Wilkinson was 2nd. Not sure who won the prime up the Horseshoe Pass. Results are here.

To prepare for this time trial, I did a fairly long hilly training ride on Wednesday (I had the week off because of the Easter school holidays) - see below:

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