Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chester Road Club Chain Gang

Tuesday 10th April saw the start of the 2012 Chester Road Club chain gangs. The idea is to ride as groups - on this occasion there was a "slow" group and a "fast" group. I was in the "slow" group and there were 6 of us led by Phil. We rode taking turns on the front and peeling off. After 5 minutes or so we got the hang of it and got into a good rhythym. We did two laps of the Saighton circuit, approximately 14 miles or so. The "slow" group did 40 mins and 9 seconds according to Gerry (who was timing us) and the "fast" group did about 38 minutes.

There was a good turn out of approx 12 riders and it ended up being a good work out - good preparation for the Wrexham hilly 24 coming up on Sunday 15th April.

Strava summary is below.

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