Saturday, 17 September 2011

Feeling Fitter

Went out today, even though it was wet and windy, and cycled over the Horseshoe Pass and the Shelf.

Total length of ride was approx 68 miles, and I managed it in 5 hours, which I was reasonably pleased with.
Also timed myself up the Horseshoe Pass, and managed 29 mins 45 seconds, which isn't great, but is about a minute faster than last time I went up, and on this occasion there was also a headwind to contend with.

The descent from the Horseshoe Pass and then down towards Ruthin was good. The Shelf was easier than I expected. Now that I've done all the climbs which will be in the Cymru Etape, I would definitely rate World's End as the hardest - partly because getting off and carrying the bike across the ford breaks up your rhythm, but also because just after the ford there are parts of the climb which are between 15 and 20% gradient.

I'm targeting a time of 7.5 hours for the Cymru Etape, so if I ride like I did today, there's a good chance I can do that. Will take tomorrow off, and maybe Monday too, with a gym session Tuesday and possibly a short bike ride Thursday. Next saturday may try to go over the Garth and World's End again. Will update you on that if I do it.

Map of today's ride is below, together with the height profile.

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