Sunday, 8 July 2012

Recent Bike Rides

Had quite a bit of traveling with work during June, so didn't do as much cycling as I would like. I am now back in the office for a few weeks so hopefully will settle into the following routine:
  • Saturday - longish ride 50-70 miles
  • Sunday - 30 mile ride with 69 Cycles (Chester)
  • Tuesday - 14 miles - chaingang with Chester Road Club (CRC)
  • Thursday - 10 miles - Time Trial, Saighton course (D2/7)
 Yesterday, I went out with a couple of  CRC riders (Neil and Tim) and we did a good ride out to Ellesmere - which looked quite nice - we stopped by a lake in Ellesmere for something to eat and drink. Did a reasonable 17.5 mph average for a "rolling" 60 miles or so. Route below:

On Sunday 8th July, a group of 6 of us went out for the 69 Cycles Sunday Sort Out (69 Cycles is a bike shop in Chester: website at: We did a pleasant ride out to Delamere and back: Route below:

Need to decide what TT/sportives to do next - still undecided about the Etape Cymru (which I did last year). Will have a think about my schedule in Aug/Sept/Oct and update in the next blog.

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