Sunday, 12 February 2012

Preparing for Chester Road Club Hilly 14 mile time trial

Have entered the Chester Road Club Hilly 14 mile time trial on Saturday 18th Feb, and essentially the same event on 25th Feb (the latter one is an Open event). Having spent the last week in Houston, where everyone seems to eat three times as much as we do in the UK, and not having done much cycling in January due to the weather, I thought I'd better have a look around the course, which I did on Sunday 12th Feb around lunchtime - the weather was a bit cold and damp so I had to wear gloves, leggings and a scarf - so I hope it's a bit warmer next week.
I ambled out to the start opposite Broxton Picnic area (down Sandy Lane from Chester) so had an 11 or 12 mile warm up. I did a semi-serious time trial around the course and managed 51 mins 40 secs, so I need to put a more effort in next week to get down to 45 minutes (which is my target time).

Map of the course is below:

If anyone wants the gpx file its at:

On the way back to Chester, went down the A41, and they had been cutting hedges, and managed to get a front wheel puncture which was a bit of a downer.

On the positive front, picking up my new bike tomorrow which should be good for getting my time down by a few minutes. Will post a picture of the new bike later in the week.

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