Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chester Road Club Hilly 14 TT (18 Feb 2012) + other rides

Used my new bike on the Chester Road Club hilly 14 mile Time Trial on Saturday 18th Feb. Managed to go around in 44 mins and 17 seconds, which I was reasonably pleased with, as it was only the second time I've ridden around the circuit (the first time being the week before when I took over 51 mins on my old bike) and also I seemed to be the only rider who entered (out of 22) who wasn't using tri-bars. I will be riding the same course on 25th Feb (the Open event organised by CRC) so will try to beat this time (and I may see if I can get some tri-bars sorted out mid-week). PS - my max heart rate is around 172 or so, so my average of 161 was around 94% of my max, so was trying reasonably hard. Also think I need to push higher gears next week.

On 19th Feb also went around my usual training route to Llay and back, on my new bike. For the same amount of calories, my average speed is around 2 mph more than on my other bike. Averaged around 17.5 mph, which considering the wind and cold weather, was pretty good for this time of year.

On Valentine's Day, I rode out (on my old bike) to Coedpoeth and back via Wrexham, going up the "steps" from Cefn Y Bedd to Coedpoeth. Once at the top it is around 30+ mph all the way down into Wrexham.

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