Friday, 23 December 2011

Rides up til 22nd Dec 2011

Not posted for a while. December has been a busy month. Was in London for a couple of days at the beginning of December, then had a week in Japan.

Managed to go on the Chester Road Club Sunday runs on 4th Dec and 11th Dec. The run on the 4th Dec was a bit shorter than usual due to bad weather - wind/rain etc. However this was nothing compared to the deluge on the 11th Dec, which was when approx 10 riders from the Chester Road Club went out for a couple of hours prior to the CRC christmas dinner (out near Mickle Trafford).

Also went out on Sunday 18th Dec, when there was quite a bit of ice and slush around. No-one else turned up so went for a short ride into North Wales, and then did the same ride on the 22nd Dec - the weather then was quite nice, except for a strong wind going out.

Hope to get a few miles in between Christmas and New Year, so hope the weather improves a bit.

Map of club ride on 4th Dec 2011

Map of club ride on 11th Dec (Christmas run)

Training rides on the 9th, 18th and 22nd December were all on the same course - map below shows the 22nd December ride.

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