Monday, 28 November 2011

Rides during week of 28th Nov 2011

Managed to cycle to and from work on Friday 25th and Monday 28th November. Stats from 28th November rides shown below:

On Sunday 27th November went out with the Chester Road Club - it was pretty windy (unfortunately on the way back to Chester rather than on the way out). Good work out + a stop at the Ice Cream Farm + there was a good turn out (approx 9 of us at the start of the ride).
Also did a short training ride on Saturday 26th November - now that was even windier than the Sunday ride, as witnessed by my slow overall average speed + the max speed on the downhill section with the wind behind me was almost 42 mph (about 4 or 5 miles higher than normal on that route). 

So, in total, this week, would have done approx 100 miles.

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