Saturday, 3 November 2012

Samsung Chromebook

I just bought a new Samsung Chromebook, from Amazon, for £229. So far I am liking it a lot. What is particularly impressive of course is the boot up time (around 5 seconds or so). The first time was a bit longer as it was upgrading the operating system.

You can look for apps in the Chrome Web Store (and even organise them so you can see Apps which will work offline).

I have been editing my blog using the Chromebook, and adding photos etc is very straightforward.

Battery life also looks good, in excess of 6 hours.

Only downside so far is that Spotify doesn't work, since there isn't a browser version at present - although there are rumours there will be in the not too distant future, so that may be a short term issue.

All in all it's worth a look - not having to worry about OS updates or antivirus etc is very good.

Also, when you buy one these Chromebooks you get 100 Gb of storage on Google Drive for free for two years.

Some photos of the machine shown below:

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