Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sometimes it's better when it's grim !

Sunday 3rd June - instead of staying in to watch the procession of boats down the Thames, I decided to go out on a short bike ride. Had dithered about whether to go out most of the day as it was pouring down with rain and I am still suffering from the last vestiges of a cold. At 7 am I had decided not to go out (was possibly going to go on a ride from 69 Cycles in Chester, which starts at 8 am every Sunday).

Anyhow once I got out on the bike, I quite enjoyed it. Although it was raining it was not particularly cold, and the bad weather meant there were less cars around than usual. Did my standard route out to North Wales down Lache Lane, and felt like I was flying, getting from the start of Lache Lane to the Wrexham road near Hope in under 26 mins. When I got there, I realised I was flying because the wind was behind me !

Anyhow all in all a good work out. Route below:

For what it's worth, this ride was nowhere near as grim as the Mad March Hare Sportive 2012.
That was both very wet, very cold, and very hilly, with all the hills coming near the end.

Looking back at 2012, the Oswestry Hilly 17 mile time trial was also a bit grim, with torrential rain soon after I started. I did reasonably well in that one.

So the lesson is, even when it looks grim before you start off, it is rarely quite as grim when you are actually out there on the bike.

Earlier in the week, (Tuesday 29th May) I did the usual Chester Road Club chain gang out at Saighton near Chester. Unfortunately, one of the riders fell off, and I think they broke their collar bone, so David, if you're reading this hope you get better soon. Luckily one of the other Chester Road Club riders had their wife parked nearby and they took him to A&E.

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