Sunday, 13 May 2012

Windy Days

Did a couple of ride this weekend (12/13th May). On Saturday I went out with a couple of others for a ride out towards Nantwich and back through Delamere (stopping at the Station Cafe) and then back through Frodsham to home. The outbound ride was great, but when we turned towards Delamere we realised why - because we had a strong wind against us all the way back. Still, a reasonable average speed for such a ride (17.2 mph average for 52 mile ride). Route below:

I also went out Sunday, just for a short ride (18 miles or so) on my usual route out to Hope/Llay and back through Rossett/Doddleston etc). Had a strong wind against me as I was cycling out to Hope, but had a great ride back into Chester. Reached a max speed of over 43 mph on the steep downhill just before the A483. Must have recovered from Saturday as my average speed was 17.6 mph.

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