Monday, 22 August 2011

New 11-28 cassette fitted

After climbing up some of the hills, I decided to change the 10 speed Ultegra 11-23 back cassette for an 11-28 one. Although I could get up the hills on 39-23 it was a bit of a struggle on the steepest bits.

Anyhow, took my bike down to The Edge Cycleworks in Chester on Sunday afternoon, and picked it up Monday afternoon - they replaced the cassette and chain, and gave me the old ones back in case I need them. They also checked the rear mechanism could cope with the 28 tooth sprocket (it could).

Look forward to trying it out - which unfortunately won't be for 10 days or so as off on a business trip to Japan (Kyoto) which should be very pleasant at this time of year.

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